Home service  - WE BRING FITNESS @ your door step! Our trainers can work with you in your private or commons building gym, outside public parks, on the beach or wherever at anytime. To Everyone we serve at your convenience.

Personal Training - beside the expertise of our trainers, one of the most important aspects of our service is its FLEXIBILITY. Instead of only showing you how to use the exercises machines, our trainers will teach you the PRINCIPLES of exercise that will stay with you for the rest of your life. To maximize your result we provide fitness EXCEPTIONAL service and creative programs.  

We have trainers operational not only in Davao City but we also have in Dubai and New Zealand respectively. We share our experiences therefore our Personal Training service is updated and one uniform cohesive training programs.

Small Group Training - is a Personal Training in a small group (4-6 people) it provides you the benefits of Personal Training at a much lower cost with more support, more variety, more motivation, more fun and better results.

Power Stretching/Sports Massage - it's our own way of giving you a feeling of greatness after every training. We do give a short PS or Sports massage in every session to those who have a Personal Training session to cool you down.On the other hand you can also book us for PS or sports massage alone as to benefits to get relief from tightness and low back pain. Try us and you will feel what it is all about. 

Personal Training Certification...
-Tamayo Brothets teach Fit
-FISAF International

Physical Therapy - as most of our coaches are Physiotherapist, we also cater sports injury/stroke rehabilitation. With an appropriate program and care,"retraining"of the muscles can quickly get a person back to better muscular health which in turn leads to a hight quality of life. i.Flex Fitness Team have access and hands on experienced to excellent Professional in this field.


Tamayo Brothers Teach Fit


Personal Training Preparation Course: designed for you to learn all the skills and knowledge you need to excel as Fitness/Personal Trainer. This is not just for you to pass the course but also for you to be able to apply it confidently to your clients , express and see results.


fisafAn international, independent, democratic and non profit federation dedicated to sports aerobics, fitness and hip hop and to develop of aerobic and fitness industry on international level. IF you may wish to proceed in gaining internationally recognized certification for Fitness/Personal Training then take trainings and fitness education updated courses under FISAF. Having this kind of certification can be useful for you to work abroad.


We make events to keep the momentum of fitness rolling. Keeping our members active in any month of the year.

MMA Fight Night
Santa Run

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