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Mr.Philippines World 2003
Certified Lifestyle Changer


Poverty is one of the major issue not only here in Davao City, but the whole Philippines and some of the countries as well. Most poor people trying to strive hard to get a good life. I mean anyone of us does. Increasingly sports have mostly given an opportunity to those who dream to have a big change. What sports do we know? What sports do we love? What sports gives us good value in life? That's what we are about to talk and consider it to make To use SPORTS and FITNESS to improve Lives. That's where my Philosophy comes in that anyone can be somebody if you are physically and intellectually Fit and can get you to greatness in the field of SPORTS and FITNESS. Live Learn Train- my idea of having a start up career in LIFE or to give HOPE to our young generations in urban places in DAVAO CITY, Philippines that might have skills needed to develop and can create big change not only for their LIVES but to others too as an INSPIRATION and MODEL. Let's use FITNESS or this gym as a tool to promote EDUCATION and TEACH LIFE SKILLS. To practice sports we need to be educated, we need to combine it. It's rewarding if we see small steps that improve both ways in skills and education. We need to see them improve in SPORTS, excel in CLASS and combination we can produce ultimate athlete and SUCCESSFUL in LIFE.


Meet the People

Ben John Tamayo

Ruzell Tamayo

Linda Binoya

Gabrielle Jovan B. Salazar



Training ground for Greatness

We are more than just Fitness. We changed lives. The only Davao Local Fitness provider with an international branch in UAE, Dubai. Tamayo brothers with a great degree of knowledge and credentials about fitness helping each other to bring a great Fitness environment from Davao City,Philippines to the World.


Company Vision

to be known as the best Personal Trainer provider in the Philippines and produce a future Champions in Fitness and Sports.


Company Mission

To create a great fitness experience and partnering with every individual to create a better community.


i.Flex Fitness Scholarship Program

We are accepting out of school youths and any dedicated athletes who want to learn about fitness. Daily except Sunday's. Fitness Class- 10 am to 12 noon Technical and sparring class 2:30 to 4pm