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Training ground for Greatness

LOGO-D3-r2-FINAL-CMYKWe are more than just Fitness. We changed lives. The only Davao Local Fitness provider with an international branch in UAE, Dubai. Tamayo brothers with a great degree of knowledge and credentials about fitness helping each other to bring a great Fitness environment from Davao City,Philippines to the World.

WELCOME it's time for a Revolution and i.Flex Fitness is leading the way.

We offer a non intimidating environment where both man and women a like of all abilities can learn new ways to train unlike the boring conventional methods applied on today's fitness.

We worked and collaborated with many associations and created fitness and sports events and attended competitions locally and internationally, always trying to help improve the quality of Life and promote Fitness.

We invite you to discover us, the values we promote and principles of exercises that we share, with the goal that everyone can enjoy our Passion.

We are a Fitness provider, our great service to educate, share knowledge about fitness to every individual to adopt a healthy, active and CHANGE of  lifestyle.

Enter the world of i.Flex Fitness!

i.Flex! Do you!?

Davao Urban Fighting Championship

i.Flex Fitness is the 1st and only gym in Mindanao with a cage that is operational and used for monthly gathering of MMA fighters for Qualifying fights in preparation to test and set their skills and get a match for a quarterly event of i.Flex Fitness Sports promotion the DAVAO URBAN FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP a grass root program. As part of its mission we will continue for the search of the next MMA superstar of Davao City to the World. DUFC has already produced a few successful great local fighters.

We welcome dojos and other teams as we one to create one community for Davao Fighters.

i.Flex Fitness manage athletes ,train and educate.

If you want to experience the feeling inside the octagon cage, visit us and if you want to watch live ,up  close and compact local MMA fight there's only one venue in Davao City.


Fighters, educators and sponsors we welcome you "Laban para sa Pagbabago"

Visit us who knows you are the one we are looking for.